Tuesday, 18 August 2015


We need to add some fun to this blog, so... here it is!


1. I like the smell of Petrol
2. I have more clothes than I can ever wear
3. I am reading the St. Clares series (again) by Enid Blyton
4. My favourite food is Asian. I can't specifically choose one food, so I am just going with Asian.
5. I have been to 3 different schools (So far) in my life
6. My arms are very hairy
7. My middle name is Katharina
8. I am rubbish at anything to do with sport.
9. I can lick my nose. (Just)
10. I barely ever wear earrings.
11. I cannot wear any other type of earrings beside Sterling Silver or Gold. (But I still do.. and they bleed.)
12. My favourite drink is Fanta with no ice in it.
13. I am obsessed with books. And movies. And music.
14. My favourite movie (At the moment) is Mean Girls 2
15. My favourite TV Show (Forever) is Once Upon A Time
16. I am actually quite funny
17. I think I'm fat.
18. I love Doctor Who (And Harry Potter. And Twilight (THE BOOKS). And The Hunger Games.)
19. I have a Polaroid.
20. My bookshelf is color coordinated, it's rainbow.

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