Friday, 21 August 2015

21st August 9:20 PM

Hello! I am sorry I haven't posted the last few days, I simply had nothing to post about. But I do today. Today my school went to the snow!

We had 3 groups, and I was with Say and Ready. There were 3 activities. Tobogganing, Snowmen Building and The Tube ride. I have to say my favourite was The Tube. There is a big grippy slide and the things you ride at water parks, where you sit in it. You put your legs out and they push you really hard and you go flying around the ride and you end up at the end. The down part is having to pull your tube up the hill when you're done. The two times I went I went with Say the first time, and Ready the next. It was very fun.

Now, I have a problem. Ready's behaviour has been impacting on me. She has started hitting her head violently everytime someone is stupid or annoying, and my brain has watched her do it so much I have started doing it naturally. And it needs to stop. Also, she scrunches and tries to kill anything that is in her hand or withing reach whenever she is angry, and I have started to do that too. I really want this to stop, but I don't know how.

Sorry for the short entry, and thanks for reading if you did.

Girl Who Is Very Happy Because She Went To The Snow With Her School

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