Friday, 28 August 2015

29th August 2:52 PM

HELLO!! I haven't been able to write because I have randomly been going out and getting homework and all sorts. So now it is the weekend, so I shall write!

Tuesday was non-eventful. I cannot remember a single thing that happened, so we good there.

Wednesday was also boring.

Now, Thursday. Our usual Thursday/Friday teacher was a t a meeting both days so we had, let's call him, Slow. Now, Slow was funny and awesome at the start. Then he became worse. Just like NOLY. So he was all nice and good the first day until he started saying this
''Ready and Relle (My name on here) are my superstars, they're such good workers and ra ra ra.'' We did not like it!

Friday. This was a great day. So Slow is starting to get annoying...
'No feet on furniture!'
'Ning chow mow (He speaks all languages pretty much)'
'My star students!'
'If you are talking to someone you are hurting the whole class. You are stopping them from learning and they get upset about it and RA RA RA'
I started to get frustrated. Now, lemme tell you something about Slow. He hates when anybody is doing anything other than staring at him when he talks. You can't look any other direction than his eyes. It's so annoying. But of course, me being me, I decided to play with things. And in Religion, he'd probably had enough. I was fiddling with a Sharpie, and he was staring at me for a good two minutes until he started going on about utter crap and I was still playing with my Sharpie. Then he's like
''That's it Reele (He says my name weird so yeah), to the Principal.'' I'm not scared, because Mr. G always lets me off easy. (I just realised that rhymes.) Before I leave, I shout,
'Now you can all talk and party!'
So as we're walking away, you suddenly hear a chorus of 26 kids, all screaming
''BYE!'' I turn around and they're all smiling at me and waving and saying bye. I am happy so I say bye back! Suddenly, Slow turns around and everyone shuts up. He growls and takes me to Mr. G.

Mr.G just said apologize and I'm back in the room 10 seconds later. So good.

Bye for now!
Girl Who Hates Slow

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