Saturday, 5 September 2015

5th September 2015

I haven't written in a while but lemme tell you about this shiznet mkay









Friday, 28 August 2015

29th August 2:52 PM

HELLO!! I haven't been able to write because I have randomly been going out and getting homework and all sorts. So now it is the weekend, so I shall write!

Tuesday was non-eventful. I cannot remember a single thing that happened, so we good there.

Wednesday was also boring.

Now, Thursday. Our usual Thursday/Friday teacher was a t a meeting both days so we had, let's call him, Slow. Now, Slow was funny and awesome at the start. Then he became worse. Just like NOLY. So he was all nice and good the first day until he started saying this
''Ready and Relle (My name on here) are my superstars, they're such good workers and ra ra ra.'' We did not like it!

Friday. This was a great day. So Slow is starting to get annoying...
'No feet on furniture!'
'Ning chow mow (He speaks all languages pretty much)'
'My star students!'
'If you are talking to someone you are hurting the whole class. You are stopping them from learning and they get upset about it and RA RA RA'
I started to get frustrated. Now, lemme tell you something about Slow. He hates when anybody is doing anything other than staring at him when he talks. You can't look any other direction than his eyes. It's so annoying. But of course, me being me, I decided to play with things. And in Religion, he'd probably had enough. I was fiddling with a Sharpie, and he was staring at me for a good two minutes until he started going on about utter crap and I was still playing with my Sharpie. Then he's like
''That's it Reele (He says my name weird so yeah), to the Principal.'' I'm not scared, because Mr. G always lets me off easy. (I just realised that rhymes.) Before I leave, I shout,
'Now you can all talk and party!'
So as we're walking away, you suddenly hear a chorus of 26 kids, all screaming
''BYE!'' I turn around and they're all smiling at me and waving and saying bye. I am happy so I say bye back! Suddenly, Slow turns around and everyone shuts up. He growls and takes me to Mr. G.

Mr.G just said apologize and I'm back in the room 10 seconds later. So good.

Bye for now!
Girl Who Hates Slow

Monday, 24 August 2015

24th of August, 6:00 PM

Hey guys! I had a great day, until After School Care. After School Care is this little place I go on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just great.

At school, THERE WAS NO READY! Say and No were the happiest people alive, but I wasn't so sure. I felt cruel and mean when they were saying things behind her back. It was awful. I didn't say anything about it, because a part of my enjoyed it. Because she is always a swear-word to me, why should I not be a swear-word to her?

I made a new friend on the weekend, her name will be Salute. She is a great singer and we met on Minecraft. Because that is where I find my frens :) We sung together a few times, and we sounded bootiful <3 We are the best singers in the whole world. (No offence No, but I am better than you.)

I didn't have an eventful weekend other than that, but that's fine. I am happy with my life just the way it is right now.

After School Care:
Now this chick, let's call her Kmart. Ok? So, she just starts being mean. Randomly. I was pranking them though (By them I mean this little kid named Zebra and her sister, Dead.)  so it wasn't really her fault. It was nothing serious, just opening the door or banging on it and running away. I started banging when they locked the door. The teacher, Chlorine, told a little kid to go and see what they were doing. So then I decided to shout this.
''She wouldn't be able to, they locked the door.'' And Kmart got angry and put on her beachy face and started acting like she was cool. So I just looked at her, and then started laughing. Because she looked like a complete idiot. She would never be as cool as me. (Hhahahahahahah)

Thanks for reading if you did,
Girl Who Thinks She Is Cool

Friday, 21 August 2015

21st August 9:20 PM

Hello! I am sorry I haven't posted the last few days, I simply had nothing to post about. But I do today. Today my school went to the snow!

We had 3 groups, and I was with Say and Ready. There were 3 activities. Tobogganing, Snowmen Building and The Tube ride. I have to say my favourite was The Tube. There is a big grippy slide and the things you ride at water parks, where you sit in it. You put your legs out and they push you really hard and you go flying around the ride and you end up at the end. The down part is having to pull your tube up the hill when you're done. The two times I went I went with Say the first time, and Ready the next. It was very fun.

Now, I have a problem. Ready's behaviour has been impacting on me. She has started hitting her head violently everytime someone is stupid or annoying, and my brain has watched her do it so much I have started doing it naturally. And it needs to stop. Also, she scrunches and tries to kill anything that is in her hand or withing reach whenever she is angry, and I have started to do that too. I really want this to stop, but I don't know how.

Sorry for the short entry, and thanks for reading if you did.

Girl Who Is Very Happy Because She Went To The Snow With Her School

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


We need to add some fun to this blog, so... here it is!


1. I like the smell of Petrol
2. I have more clothes than I can ever wear
3. I am reading the St. Clares series (again) by Enid Blyton
4. My favourite food is Asian. I can't specifically choose one food, so I am just going with Asian.
5. I have been to 3 different schools (So far) in my life
6. My arms are very hairy
7. My middle name is Katharina
8. I am rubbish at anything to do with sport.
9. I can lick my nose. (Just)
10. I barely ever wear earrings.
11. I cannot wear any other type of earrings beside Sterling Silver or Gold. (But I still do.. and they bleed.)
12. My favourite drink is Fanta with no ice in it.
13. I am obsessed with books. And movies. And music.
14. My favourite movie (At the moment) is Mean Girls 2
15. My favourite TV Show (Forever) is Once Upon A Time
16. I am actually quite funny
17. I think I'm fat.
18. I love Doctor Who (And Harry Potter. And Twilight (THE BOOKS). And The Hunger Games.)
19. I have a Polaroid.
20. My bookshelf is color coordinated, it's rainbow.

18th August, 6:15 PM

Today was not bad. I have forgiven Say, as she is one of my bestest friends. And so is No. Ready just started talking to me and I reluctantly talked back. We have Art and Sport on Tuesdays so I guessed it would be a fun day. Wrong! 

Art was ok, nothing really exciting happened. Nothing.

Now sport, omg yes sport... The boys and girls (Me, Say and No, plus Paul and Deng) had a massive argument. HAHA. It was funny, and we won. I can remember almost nothing about it, but here goes.
Paul: ''  can say what I like. It's a free country''
Everyone: Silence
Everyone: Oooooohhh
That's all I can remember, but still... 

Nothing happened for the rest of the day, except NOLY. (The teacher.) NOLY was being annoying to Ready. 
NOLY: ''Put your hair up Ready, you're not an animal..''
Me: ''From the way you treat her, I would think she is.''
Me: *pulls hair down.*
NOLY: *furious rage noise*

So there. That is my day.

QOTD: What is your favourite band?
AOTD: Can I choose more than one? Good. Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and Paramore are my faves.

Thanks for reading if you did,
Girl Feeling Good About Herself xxx

Monday, 17 August 2015


I don't why I've decided to write a blog. Well, technically, I do. I am so bottled up with rage and uncertainty throughout the day and it will have to come out somewhere. I have been mainly taking it out on my parents and I need that to stop. So I will write my feelings and ideas, good or bad. I will write whatever I want. And you don't have to listen. (Well, I would prefer if you do, because it would be nice for some advice in my life) So it will be kinda like a diary. I would also like to thank Zoella for inspiring me to make this blog, it will really help me in life. :) Also, sorry if it is kinda long.

Monday, 17th August 5:30 PM

Today was bad. What happened that could be so bad? Well just you wait.

It is really cold today. And I do not want to get up. I lay in bed for another 20-30 minutes with Thor (Thor is my dog.) under the blanket, on the new sheets. I didn't even know he was there, he must have sneaked in while I was asleep. When I finally get up I realize it's only 7:00 AM. THEY WOKE ME UP BEFORE 7? We leave the house at 7:35 at the least to take my brother, (This is not his real name, but this blog is anonymous soooo...) Annoying, to child care. Technically kinder, cause he's 4. But whatever. Me and my sister, Annoying 2, go to school. I am in the highest grade of my school, and she is in the lowest. (Btw, this is Australia so whaddya expect?) My dad chimed off to work at 7:20 and we left very fast for school and kinder.

Let's just skip all the boring parts and get to Reading. My friends are (fake names) No, Say, and Ready. I go to Ready's house a lot, and she comes to mine. On the weekend, Ready had told me some absolutely horrible things about Say on the weekend on the drive home from something at her house, and I really felt I had to tell Say. So we exchanged notes a few time during reading and I was telling her all about what she said. She had called her fat, she had said she eats too much and she needs to stop eating everyone's food, she had said she tried to act cool. Ready annoyed me a lot some time, but we were good friends. I also hated her in a lot of ways. She was a control freak, and always had to be, well, in control. Ready just had to be better than everyone. No-one else could beat her at anything. She would shame you into thinking you're the worst at singing, running or drawing. She would point out all the things you sucked at and make sure what you were good at was one of them. She has to show off in front of Say and No, because she felt the need to be cool. So I told Say. And she got angry. Then I told No.

I have a teacher and she will be called Miss. NOLY (No One Likes You). She is spiteful and rude almost all the time. Today she was being an annoying little twit. We were in Writing, and I was sitting at least 5 metres away from Ready. But ofc, NOLY decided to yell at me.
''If you keep sitting next to Ready I will have to call your mum.'' I was very angry with her at the time. So being me, I looked her in the eyes, glared and then said,
''Great! Tell her I said hi!'' Then walked off to another table feeling incredibly good of myself.

Snack. Wow, Snack. I had 3 cupcakes, a bar, a banana, cheese, a macaron, a cookie and some Ropes. (Ropes is jelly babies in a rope). I promised Say a cupcake and my cheese. No wanted some cupcake, and so did Ready. I gave them the one I wanted to share, and Ready got randomly angry and shoved it back at me with incredible force go on about how 'dog' and 'mean' I am and I kinda stared at her like 'rly gurl'. No happily took the cupcake and I was fine with the rest of my food. Ready was raising her eyebrows at me the whooole snacktime.

So on to Gardening. We were sitting at the table and Ready keeps telling me I like Paul. (This is his real name, as there is no point in giving him a name.) So I retaliated with
''We all know you like Derrick Ready, so stop trying to cover it up.'' She glared at me and kicked me as hard as she could under the table. It left a white mark on my stocking (But I later on found out that was just dust) I held back my tears and shot her the death stare. She stopped looking at me and I just hoped this day would end.

Lunch was fine. Except the end. I don't really remember much of the start. Say decided to start telling Ready what I had said. And Ready denied everything. One day, I will slap that smirk off her face. One day... not very soon though. Ready did own up to one thing though. Basically two but the 2nd doesn't really count. She owned up to saying she was annoyed when she said 'Fa bro, wedges these days.' She denied everything else.

This may seem like I'm backstabbing Ready, and I really hope I'm not. I generally like her, sometimes, and she is a good friend. Sometime. Honestly I felt scared about knowing this information so I went and told Say, because she had the right to know.

Thanks for reading if you did,

Partially Backstabbing Girl