Monday, 24 August 2015

24th of August, 6:00 PM

Hey guys! I had a great day, until After School Care. After School Care is this little place I go on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just great.

At school, THERE WAS NO READY! Say and No were the happiest people alive, but I wasn't so sure. I felt cruel and mean when they were saying things behind her back. It was awful. I didn't say anything about it, because a part of my enjoyed it. Because she is always a swear-word to me, why should I not be a swear-word to her?

I made a new friend on the weekend, her name will be Salute. She is a great singer and we met on Minecraft. Because that is where I find my frens :) We sung together a few times, and we sounded bootiful <3 We are the best singers in the whole world. (No offence No, but I am better than you.)

I didn't have an eventful weekend other than that, but that's fine. I am happy with my life just the way it is right now.

After School Care:
Now this chick, let's call her Kmart. Ok? So, she just starts being mean. Randomly. I was pranking them though (By them I mean this little kid named Zebra and her sister, Dead.)  so it wasn't really her fault. It was nothing serious, just opening the door or banging on it and running away. I started banging when they locked the door. The teacher, Chlorine, told a little kid to go and see what they were doing. So then I decided to shout this.
''She wouldn't be able to, they locked the door.'' And Kmart got angry and put on her beachy face and started acting like she was cool. So I just looked at her, and then started laughing. Because she looked like a complete idiot. She would never be as cool as me. (Hhahahahahahah)

Thanks for reading if you did,
Girl Who Thinks She Is Cool

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